Prediction of the future development trend of domestic servo motors

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This year is a year of mixed feelings in many manufacturing industries, on the one hand, under the promotion of China's policy, many artificial intelligence-led intelligent manufacturing industry, showing unprecedented vitality; on the other hand, the impact of the trade war, as well as the downturn in the automotive and 3C industry market, the development of manufacturing industries are showing a contraction of the situation. Now the trade war although the ceasefire, but the post-war "aftermath" still exists. Domestic servo motor market, although the technology of independent brands to improve a lot, market recognition gradually improved, but foreign brands still occupy most of the market.

Servo system is the basic components of industrial machinery, playing an important role in the industrialization process. Unlike artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics and other technical fields, the servo system is a real basic science, no concept of "gimmick", its products to gain market favor, it must be the real thing. Therefore, the domestic servo motor manufacturers pay more attention to product quality, pay attention to excellence. According to reports, domestic servo motor manufacturers have advanced production equipment and process testing procedures, and the strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, and the scientific and standardized use of quality management methods. It is this "careful", in the manufacture of products refined, with good quality, and gradually get the recognition of customers. At the same time, it is also clearer about its own market positioning.

Domestic servo motor future development direction and trend forecast: high efficiency, high speed, high precision, high utility and integration and integration, intelligence, networking and modularization, diversification, miniaturization and large-scale.

The rapid development of domestic servo motor, in the past year to create a new situation in the development of servo motor system automation, we work together, together with the struggle, together with cheering! Create a brilliant domestic servo motor system!