Precautions for reinstalling servo motor after maintenance

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The installation direction of the servo motor shall ensure that it is easy to install, inspect and replace the brush on the structure.

Servo motor with heat pipe (with fan motor) shall be installed in the direction convenient for inspection and cleaning of cooler.

Because the waterproof structure of the servo motor is not very tight, if the cutting fluid and lubricating oil seep into the servo motor, it will cause the insulation strength reduction, winding short circuit, poor commutation and other faults, thus damaging the commutator surface and accelerating the brush wear. Therefore, pay attention to the direction of the plug of the motor to prevent the cutting fluid from entering.

When the servo motor is installed on the gearbox, when adding lubricating oil, the oil level of the gearbox must be lower than the output shaft of the servo motor to prevent the lubricating oil from seeping into the motor.

When fixing servo motor coupling, gear, synchronous belt and other connectors, the force acting on the motor shall not exceed the allowable radial and axial load of the motor under any circumstances.

It must be connected correctly according to the specifications (see the machine tool connection diagram). The connection error may cause the motor out of control or abnormal vibration, and may also cause damage to the motor and machine tool. After wiring, measure the insulation between the power line and the motor housing before powering on. Use a 500-volt megohmmeter or multimeter to measure, and use a multimeter to check the insulation between the signal line and the motor housing, but do not use a megohmmeter to measure the insulation of the pulse encoder signal line.