Solution of brushless motor short circuit

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Brushless motor in the long-term use will inevitably appear after a variety of problems, if the motor short circuit, we should how to solve, small make up to give you a brief introduction!

1. The brushless motor has an open circuit in the front. The motor should be connected and welded, then wrapped with insulating material, covered with insulating pipe, wrapped and dried;

2. the motor cage rotor broken cage phenomenon, can be used welding, cold welding or with the replacement method to repair;

3. Breakpoints in slots can be found by group elimination method, and breakpoints will be connected in the winding, and insulation qualification shall be checked before use;

4. If the winding is seriously burnt due to inter-turns, inter-phase short circuit and grounding, etc., the new winding should be replaced.

Small make up remind: in the repair of brushless motor, should be combined with the local actual situation, broaden the thinking, step by step analysis, elimination, until find out the real cause of the fault.